Challenge Meeting is Saturday at 9

Just a reminder the challenge begins next week and the meeting is this Saturday at 9am.
Youre going to want to sign up for a body fat test as well. There’s a sign up sheet in the gym.
In the meantime if you plan to participate in the challenge it’d be a good idea to purchase a food scale now. You can order one on amazon and have it here by the end of the week.
I have this one.
Youll also want a protein powder on hand ready to go. This is a good one.
I also highly recommend starting to fiddle around with MyFitnessPal or a food journal. Tracking our food intake when you’re not ‘dieting’ is an enlightening experiment to see what it is you’re eating when you’re not ‘watching what you eat’.
And my final recommendation is to record your weekly routine/schedule in a journal  listing out the tasks you do every single week
-What time do you wake up?
-Is it the same week to week?
-How many times did you eat today?
-At what times?
-When do you work out?
-When do you go to work?
-When did you have lunch or find yourself eating at work?
-When do you get home?
-How long is your commute
-What else do you do regularly?
More than half the battle of diet success is planning your diet around your existing routine. Getting everything on paper now and seeing what your entire week typically looks like will make a HUGE difference and allow you to see where you need to plan your meals and/or make adjustments before we begin.
If you’re not sure how to do this email me and I’ll send you a form I made just for that reason.
Hope to see you Saturday.
Workout of the Day
400m Run
500m Row
Rest 4:00
Row 500
Run 400
GHD sit up
A) Row 2K 15 Ring MU 15 Bar MU 15 Ring MU
B) 8 rounds: FT 10 Burpees 25ft HSW *just go back n forth
C) 3 Rounds: Dblt KB OH WL 50ft (55) Run 100m Dbl KB Thruster x 10 (55) Run 100

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