Checkpoints… And Oh Dang! He Is So Cute!

-Anyone notice Harry’s awesome butt chin?-
Good morrow oh mighty ones,
We will start are new checkpoint program this week. These checkpoints will be a measure of your raw diesel strength, your gymnasty abilities, and your running for your life endurance. It is very important that you all make it in this week.
The checkpoints will consist of three different days, so those of you who are on a twice/week program you will be exempt from that this week, we would prefer that you come Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday but we know  you all have crazy schedules so we will have the checkpoints running all week. Regular workouts will resume on Thursday and those that missed their checkpoints or have not completed all three will do them while the regular classes are running.
The checkpoint program is an 8-week program, so in 8 weeks we will complete the checkpoints again in the same order you do them this week. It will be November 22 and we will have it posted up in the gym.
I hope you are all looking forward to this, I know I am and I will be at the 10AM class tomorrow.
Coach Ed-the new uncle-Red