The “Walker”. There were three individuals who did yesterday’s workout by themselves!!! I was one of them. Let me tell you, it was no easy feat! It requires a ton of drive and SELF motivation to motor your way through the workout ALONE. I tip my hat to Vanessa and Jim for powering through that tough one we had yesterday… I know how you feel.
It is so much more fun when you have someone next to you toughing out the same workout. I think we all say in our heads “If they can do it, I can do it!”. It’s that group effect syndrome, meaning if someone next to you is working their ass off it is really really hard to not push yourself to do the same because:
A) They will make you look silly.
B) Because deep down inside no matter what you say, you want to beat them.
That my friend is the Group Effect Syndrome. Every day you come into the class to do your workout, you have the potential to bring the BEST out of the person working out next to you. You have no idea about the effects you can have on a person while working out.
For me personally, I want to get the fastest time every time. When I see Ricky’s “Angie” time at 18:47, I say to myself, “I am going to kick his ass!” Then I get the reality check as I am finishing my last 30 push ups of 100 and I am looking at the clock and I see its at 18:00 min and I am averaging about 2 push ups per 10 seconds. The maths comes down to me not beating Rick…haha, I ended up getting like 19:04 and I was happy because: A) I got my butt kicked and B) I know what I need to work on to beat him, my push ups! Then I go up to Ricky and I say ” DAMN you Ricky you got me baby girl”, and I finish that up with a high five and then I say, “I will get you next time”.
Ricky makes me want to work harder. Who in the gym makes you want to work harder?
3 rounds
10 clean and jerk #135 #95
60 sit ups
Go Heavy!!! Use a weight that makes you a bit uncomfortable. 🙂

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