Confessions of a CrossFitter…

I’m going to be honest with you guys, this workout is frigging hard! It seems no matter how fit you get, the pain is always the same when you push your body to its limits.
This workout is a lot like “Fran” that biotch of a short couplet. There is a reason why I only perform it every 3-6 months, it SUCKS, every time I have done that workout the time is faster but the pain feels even worse. Why oh why do we do it?
Pre-WOD Emotions:
I feel like a fit little freak prior to starting the WOD, but I know in the back of my mind that in seven minutes I am going to want my mommy. Anxious and nervous three hours to WOD time, I sit in Starbucks drinking my green tea, resting heart rate at 100 beats a minute and I ask myself why the hell do I do this?
Reason to doing CF:
It’s funny. The answer to that question could be right in a hundred different ways. Everyone has their own reason. If you ask me, I do it because its a way of expressing myself. I turn into a different person when that timers starts, I go in to a sort of trance almost like meditation. The craziest most irrational form of meditation that is. And not to mention it gives you a killer swimmers body.
Present WOD Emotions:
This sucks, this sucks, this sucks!
3 more reps… 2 more reps… 1 more rep… hot damn! I still have 4 minutes to go!!! Next set, let’s go Ed! God this feels good. Gotta beat Kai. Matt keeps yelling at me. I can’t STOP. I WON’T Stop. Almost done! Last minute Ed. Pick the freaking bar up Ed. Shut up Matt! I gotta finish this set. 3…2…1…
Post WOD Emotions:
Ouch! Indescribable pain throughout body mixed with indescribable feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. Let’s go for round two. 🙂 That’s why I do this.