CrossFit Games Open

We are about to embark upon the CrossFit Games open.
It is a worldwide competition in which the CF powers-that-be post 1 WOD per week for 5 weeks to find the fittest people in the world.
The fittest people (and teams) in each region move on to compete in regional competition and then on to the CrossFit Games which is the world series of CrossFit.
The open is a good opportunity to challenge yourself in a competitive setting much like doing a marathon or a 5k. We encourage you to do it to participate in the fun of the sport.
We have decided to make a friendly competition of the open. We will invite anyone here at Heyday to particpate in the open for a chance to win a prize.
We will divide participants into their respective age divisions so that this is not something only the young whipper snappers get to do, but for everyone.
If you complete all 5 workouts and rank the best in your age group, you’ll win a prize!
(And I think I foresee some men vs. women bets happening)
It’s $20 to participate.
If this sounds like a challenge you’re up for, sign up here:

For more info on the event go here
Hang clean (full squat)
3 Rounds
24 Box Jump
12 Kettlebell Swings 70/53
6 C2B Pull Ups
Immediately after WOD:
AMRAP 2 min
Max Double Unders

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