Saturday CrossFit Signal Hill Throwdown

This Saturday we are competing against a fellow Crossfit Gym for bragging rights. It will be a fun day of friendly competition. If you’re free we hope you’ll join us and watch.
The throwdown details are being finalized. The teams and start time (most likely 8:00am or 9:00am) and schedule will be announced Wednesday.
We are welcoming people to bring potluck style dishes to share afterwards. We will be heading to Iron City Tavern after the competition.

The team  WOD’s for  are Saturday:
I. Max Clean & Jerk total of all four team mates
II. For Time:
20 Muscle Ups while partner holds 225lb.
60 Wall Balls shots 20lb. 10 foot target
While partner holds chin over bar.
100′ Buddy Carry with 70 lb. Kettle Bell
40 Box Jumps Alternating 24″ box
100′ Buddy Carry with 70 lb. KB
2 Muscle Ups
60 Pull Ups while partner holds 135lb
60 Wall Ball 14lb 10′ while partner holds chin over bar
100′ Buddy Carry with 53 lb KB
40 Box Jumps 20″ Alternating
100′ Buddy Carry with 53 KB
40 Box Jumps 20″ alternating
100′ Buddy Carry 53 KB
6 Pull Ups

Please note there is no 10:00am workout because of the competition.
Tuesday WOD:
Sumo Deadlift
3xMax Effort
Handstand Pushup
3xMax Effort
6X25m Sled Push #Bodyweight
*90 second rest between sets.

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