Crossfit Wanderlust

In the span of about a decade and a half, CrossFit has grown to span the globe. Nearly every continent has CrossFit boxes springing up so people can throw some weight around among a community of dedicated WOD killers.
Joanna, a former olympian, has decided to travel the world going to these international Affiliates to experience elite fitness through different cultural lenses and answer these questions:
1. What is it about CrossFit that transcends cultural/geographic boundaries?
2. What is the underlying culture, communication style, or set of core beliefs that binds all CrossFitters.
3. Where does that culture come from and how it is communicated (formally or informally)?

Her undertaking is inspiring and will definitely make many CrossFitters kicking themselves for not having done this first. Check it out: Global WOD Project

10 Rounds
10 Snatch Grip Deadlift #135/#95
15 Ring Push-Ups

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