Dang Our Girl Fran Was Handing Out PRs Left And Right!!!

I can not say I am surprised. We had a lot of veterans today getting personal records doing “Fran” and a lot of newbies completing it for the first time with some impressive scores!!!
There is a lot of you out there who have really come around in this last year. To name a few who I think really stood out were all women. It was the first time I have seen so many of your doing “Fran” as Rx’d and I just want to say I think it is amazing. It was been awesome watching all of you improve so much. And let me add that all of these girls started at Heyday without being able to do ONE pull up.
Who are these girls you ask? Well I will tell you; Miss Roxanne Romero, Miss Jenn Diambrosi (first time I have ever used her real last name,) and Miss Angie Sanchez. Our honorable mention goes to Miss Susie Burgess (Did the Rx’d weight but had to use a red band.) Way to represent LADIES!!!
Oh… and the boys did great too! 🙂 I think there were 5 or six PRs but I do not want to steal the girls thunder.
P.S. If I forgot to mention anyone you have permission to punch me in the leg tomorrow.
Complete triplet 3 times
Run 1 Mile
2 Rounds
9 Push Press #135 #95
17 Push Ups *Release hands at bottom
*** You will be running 3 miles in this workout and completing the couplet 6 times

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