Defeat = Inspiration

Today, I got my ass handed to me by Ricky. I love and I hate it at the same time. I know Ricky has been working a lot on his cardio by doing crossfit endurance workouts for the past month and the work he has been putting in, clearly showed today.
“Defeat = inspiration” not only relates to getting your sweat on at the gym, but in your life, relationships, work, sport, and so on.
What do you do when you get your ass kicked by a bully? Fired by your boss? Get dumped by your girlfriend\boyfriend?
Do you cry? Yeah, so what if I cry! I got my ass kicked by my best friend in a workout (and no, I did not cry). That made me want to be better, made me want to work harder. Getting beat put me in check and now I know what I have to do in order to be ready to take him on when we rematch in a month. Yeah I’m calling it now, rematch in September. I know Ralph wants to get in on it too.
When you are defeated whether in the gym, at work, home, or on the field. Make a plan, use that fire that I know you all have inside of you and GET IT DONE!
5 Rounds
5 Front Squat #185 #115
26 Ring Push Ups
*** Guys must power clean bar from ground. Girls can use the racks.
** Also, if you cannot perform a chest to ring push up, then you need to do perfect push ups on the ground.
* Ladies stay off the knees!!! Work that strict push up. 🙂