Do Not Be Scared

-Pan seared pork chop with rosemary brandy reduction, roasted potatoes and sauteed green beans with chili and hoisin sauce-
Do not be scared of the 5K, and do not wuss out on this run! If you think you need to train for it… Surprise ,surprise! You have been training for it since you have signed up with us. I believe you guys can do anything and I think “anything” is a lot harder than a 5K, so you better make it in.
If you are reading this post and thinking of purposely missing tomorrow, DONT! It would do you a lot of good to come in and knock out this relatively short run, I am coming in tomorrow to do it at 5:30 so YOU better come in as well.
Do the things you do not like or the things you are not good at so you can BETTER yourself. If you want to avoid the heat I would suggest coming in early or at 530, it’s a great run so come one, come all and lets rock it!!!
Side Note:
HeyDay Function
September 26 we will be going to see Zack Brown Band play at the Verizon Center. If you plan on coming purchase a ticket in the lawn area, they are 38$. It will be a great time and we can all carpool if need be. Buy your tickets now and let us know if you plan on coming.
Run 5K