Does Personal Training Help You Lose Weight?

The secret equation to weight loss is simple, the calories you take in are less than the calories you give out. The goal is to leave your body at the end of the day in a caloric deficit. It seems so simple, so why is it so hard? Unfortunately, losing weight is a little more complex than this secret equation. Why? Because everyone’s body is different, everyone’s lifestyle is different and everyone’s goals are different. You have decided your goal is to lose weight but where do you want to lose weight? Everywhere? Your arms? Your stomach? Great! Now, how much time can you dedicate to exercise each week? What about your eating habits? See, it’s not so simple after all. Every person has different answers which is why every person achieves weight loss differently.
So, when you ask if personal training helps you lose weight the answer is absolutely and it may be one of the best, and safest, options. A personal trainer will ask you all of those important questions and more before you start working together in order to make a plan specifically designed for you and your goals. Your goals can go beyond weight loss, they can include improving your 5K time or sculpting the perfect tank top shoulders. Either way, your personal trainer designs sessions tailored to you and your body. They are able to work with your abilities, needs and specific goals and not a one-size-fits all program. Well educated and trained personal trainers can also tailor your program as you go and as you see results to make sure you are achieving your goals in the most efficient and effective way for you.
But wait, there’s more! A personal trainer goes beyond designing you that perfect weight loss program, they become your coach, your motivator and your cheerleader. Most people try and lose weight on their own and for some they can but for most, they can’t. It’s easy to skip out on a workout or skip those extra 3 reps when only you hold yourself accountable. But, when you add a personal trainer it’s harder if not impossible to say no. They’re there to remind you that the only thing stopping you from achieving your goals is yourself. Your personal trainer holds you accountable and motivates you forward, they don’t let your mentality weaken as your body strengthens. They are there to remind you that you can do it!
We know the weight loss secret equation, a caloric deficit, isn’t as simple as it seems due to all of our personal physical and non-physical differences. We know that personal training can play a huge part in simplifying the equation. The last simplifying factor is you because with each step you always have a choice. You have to choose you. You have to want to achieve your goals and dedicate yourself to them. A personal trainer can definitely help you but they can’t (and they won’t) force you. If you’re ready to choose you, be sure to check out our San Pedro Gym, Heyday Elite Fitness for Personal Trainers in San Pedro! We also offer a San Pedro CrossFit Gym.