Done With Cancer

Shelley Smith reached a milestone recently. At present she just finished chemo and is officially done with cancer!
(In the pic above she is celebrating with the motley crew that is the HeyDames)
This was a long hard road for Shelley but nearly every time she was at the gym, she was smiling, joking and overall, optimistic. She didn’t whine and didn’t complain. It’s been amazing to witness. We are lucky to have her example.
Take her advice (get checked) and adopt her attitude (be positive).
Congrats Shelley. I guess we can make you do burpees again. 😉
Workout of the Day:
A. 4 – 6 x 400m Run
(holding pace, :8-:12 seconds slower than faster time from last week, rest 2:00)
B. 3 x 20m Sled Drive
(on the heavy side)
Dynamic Warm Up and Drill with Matty
4 x 60m Sprint Rest 2:00
5 x 40m Sprint Rest 2:00
6 x 20M Sprint Rest 2:00

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