Down Karren……

Sorry for putting the workout up late. Today I watched a few people do karren and they did her quite well, and for those of you who do not know karren, she is a babe! Karren comes in three different colors and three different weights: Red 10 pounder, blue 15 pounder, and the big boy black 20 pounder. She is what some people like to call a bitch……and you are probably going to want to call her that 150 times!!! Becauuuuuse it is 150 wall balls for time. I just want to say the 6am and the 10am kicked ass today and I am looking forward to seeing the night owls BRING it!!! Oh and ladies I know you all can do the blue balls red so we will be working with the red balls for this wod. Lets shoot for getting the blue balls within the next month.
On a side note….Does anyone have a remedy for dealing with a crazy Biznatch???
150 Wall Balls (M20, W15)
For Time:

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