Friday, April 19th

Workout of the Day
5 Med Ball Reverse Toss”
“3 Rounds – Build pace a little each round 15 Russian Swings
15/12 Cal Assault Bike
rest 60sec”
“4 Rounds –
Slow Down and Control
8 Rower Pike Ups slow controlled
8 Archer Ring Row Hold Switches 2sec hold each rep (alternating; 4 total per side each round)”
“A. Deadlift from blocks
5,5,5,5 rest 2min
BB is set up just above knee”
“B1. GHD Hip Ext
6-8 reps @3131 x 3”
“B2. Single Arm Landmine Row
6-8 ea arm @30X1 x 3”
“B3. Lying Banded Bicep Curls
15-20 x 3”
“C. Turkish Get Up
10/arm- light moderate loading, alt every 2 reps”
3 Rounds
Singel leg banded Glute Bridge x 8-10/leg
Side Plank x 30-45/side
530 Upper
“2 Rounds
Halo x 10 reps ea direction
KB Snatch x 10 ea arm
SA OHS x 5 ea
Hand Cuff Shoulder Opener x 30sec”
“Every 45sec x 10 sets perform 2 Banded Strict Press @50% 1RM
Z- Press 3 x 4-6
DB Curl to Press 3 x 8-10

10 Kiping Pull Ups
5 Prison Burpees
50ft Heavy Rope Pull”
CHin Over Bar Hold accumulate 90sec

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