Friday, August 9th

Workout of the Day
“A. 3 Rounds
Iso DB Curl + Good Mornings x 6-8 @3111
rest 30sec
Alt DB Bench x 16-20 Reps
rest 30sec
Seated L-Sit x 30-60sec
rest 30sec
Hip Cars x 2-3 Reps Each Leg”
“Teams Of 3 Complete (40min Cap)
4 Rounds
50 Cal Ski
40 Toes To Bar or Hang Knee Tuck
30 Goblet Lunges
20 Pull Ups
10 Stone Over Shoulder

530PM Dynamic Upper Conjugate
“Shoulder Tap x 150
2 Rounds
Banded Lat Pull Down x 20
Bear Crawl x 20m
2 Rounds
Banded Pull Apart x 20
Cap Cars Shouldter int+ext Rotation x 3 ea arm

“4 Super sets, rest 90sec after axel
Alt Incline DB Press x 12-16
Axel Bar Floor Press x 8-10

Rope Climb x 3/2
Invt BB Row x 12
DB Bear Crawl x 15m ”
2 x 5 Passive Range Hold for shoulder internal rotation (5s Holds)

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