Friday, June 28th

Workout of the Day
“A. 3 Rounds
Standing Plate Tri Ext x 15-20
rest 30sec
Banded Bicep Curl x 25
rest 30sec
Quadraped Abductor Hoversx 3 ea leg
rest 30sec
Seated Knee Tuck x 20-40sec ”
“B. With A Partner (20:00 Time Cap)
6 Rounds
250m Row
Partner holds DBs in farmer position
*penalty for dropping is 10 burpees both partners
then 2 minute rest
6 rounds
200m Run
Partner holds Front Rack Position
*penalty for dropping is 10 burpees both partners
400m Farmer Carry

530PM Dynamic Upper Conjugate
“MedBall Medly x 5:00 w/ partner
2 Rounds
DB Fly x 15
DB Rear Delt x 10
SA OH DB Carry x 20m ea arm”
” Bench Press 9 x 3 @50% + Band (close, standard, wide)
3 rounds for quality
Seated DB Alt Press x 20 reps
wtd Pull Up Negatives x 3-5 reps @3-5sec

10 DB Floor PRess
10 DB Hang Power Clean
2 Rope Climbs”
150 Banded Tricep Push Downs