Going Advanced

For the past several weeks we have been training 5:30 advanced class for the CrossFit Open.
For those of you that do not know, the CrossFit Open is a global competition that takes place over the course of five weeks. Each week, during the open, a WOD is bestowed upon us from the Iron Gods at Crossfit headquarters and  must be completed before the following Sunday.
Doing that WOD, and submitting your score online for those five weeks, allows you to turn your fitness regimen into a game. For the competitive minded, you get to see how your fitness level stacks up against the entire crossfit community. It’s like a giant version of our chalkboard. It’s cool because you can see your standing among your geography, sex and age group.
We do the open because it allows us to participate with the global crossfit community. It gives us something to train for beyond our general fitness aims. People who participate will almost always achieve new personal records because, in the open, you are part of “Team Heyday” and we all know, you tend to perform better when you’re on a team.
We encourage you to give it a go this year. Don’t come into it with too much expectation, just do your best and see where you land among the elite. If interested, ask us how to sign up.
Back to our advanced class….
As preparation for the open, and for those who like to look as CrossFit (or at least want to entertain the idea) of doing it as a sport, we encourage you to come to the advanced class at 5:30. For the next few months, that class will be a few notches harder than the other classes. It will be designed to push the average-good Crossfitter to the next level. It will be much more focused on fine tuning skills (such as oly lifts and gymnastics) and stretching your physical abilities “against the clock” so that you will have a bigger engine I.e increasing your “go harder longer” muscles. This is achieved by more weight-oriented movement (heavy lifting) and higher volume (more reps).
The only pre-requisite is that you have been with us for at least 6 months and have a proficiency in the fundamental movements. Beyond that, just a desire to get better. If you have been in the beginner class for nearly a year, I’d highly encourage you to come give it a try 🙂
You do not need to be a fire-breathing badass to come nor have to compete. The same rules apply as in other classes; we individualize and modify the volume and loads to meet you where you are. We ALL have areas we need to improve so if you have an itch to get better at this CrossFit stuff beyond just staying fit, give it a go.
If you do workout at 5:30 make sure you come 10-15 min early to warm up (if possible). Each advanced class has lots to get done and the lifting will start almost immediately after 5:30 hits. Not a lot of time to warm up. In the past few weeks they have run very long. That won’t happen anymore. The advanced WOD will end promptly at 6:30 so as not to interfere with the beginner class and will follow a structure (no more open gym-ish format) that will move everyone along on time.
Workout of the Day
3 Rounds
:60 Plank on Rings
8-12 reps Dumbbell External Rotation (use light weight, go slow, focus on turning the traps off)
Rest as Needed
4 Rounds
:45 max KBS
:15 Rest
:45 max Slam Ball
:15 Rest
:45 max KB High Pull
:15 rest
:45 max Tuck Ups or Hollow Rock
:15 Rest

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