Golf and The Power of Posture

I heard someone say something the other day that I thought was pretty profound.
A good friend was talking about Golf and his affection for the game.
I personally never cared for it and had no interest in playing it but when this guy described it, I saw a whole new element to it that I never realized.
He said: “I love golf. You know why? Because, it’s less about strength, and more about posture”. The arms, the shoulders placement, the position of your feet, all determine the power of your swing and distance of your drive.
I’d bet I’m stronger than most guys you meet¬† at the country club, and yet, put a club in my hand and I’m pretty sure my “strength” won’t mean a thing and I’d end up like happy gilmore did here.
This is of course just like the lifts we do. More often than not a power clean executed with elegant form, firing the proper muscles at precisely the right time, will take you much further than getting angry, pounding your chest and muscling through it.
Strength isn’t a barbaric practice throwing heavy sh*t around. It’s a craft. Hone it.
So keep that in mind. Breath. Focus. Move with grace and leave the guys at Bally’s scratching their heads.
800m Run
800m Run