Got Fitness Goals? How To Amplify Your Results

How many ways are there to get results with your health?

10? 200? 1000? When you think about it, it seems like there are an infinite number of ways to improve your health and fitness… right?
A teacher asked a similar question of the class when I was in Business School:
How many ways are there to grow a business?
The collective chin-rubbing showed we were all deep in thought, pondering the answer. Some said 30 or 40. Some said hundreds. Some, thousands.
We were all wrong. The answer was 3.
It was madness I tell you. Madness. We couldn’t believe it but the professor said “Yes my little pupils, there are only 3 ways to grow a business, everything else is just a variation of the original 3.”
Oh Yaa??? What are they?!? I thought.
This is what he said:

The 3 ways to grow a business are:

1. Increase # of customers
2. Increase the amount a customer buys at one time (this is why the barista trys to sell you a scone with your Caramel Frap)
3. Increase the Frequency a Customer buys (in a given period of time per week/per month/per year)
I was blown away at how simple it was.
Even more surprising was learning these are multipliers. Meaning, you improve each area by 10% and you improve the whole thing by 33%!!!
I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m telling you this. Well, to show you that lots of things that seem very complex are actually pretty simple but we have a tendency to screw it up by adding complexity.

KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

So back to the rhetorical question I opened with: How many ways are there to improve your health and fitness??

You guessed it… 3.

The 3 ways to Improve Health and Fitness are:

1. Optimize your diet
2. Optimize your exercise
3. Optimize your recovery/supplementation
These are listed in order of importance. You can improve any one of these areas and you WILL improve your body/health/fitness. If you came to Heyday and started the program you had #2 covered.
You may have changed nothing else, and yet you lost weight, looked better, felt awesome.
My brother, once 60 pounds overweight, completely changed his eating habits and lost all the weight. He does zero exercise.
The first 2 factors are most important and therefore, if optimized, has the biggest potential for improvement. Also note, you should never rely on just one and neglect the others especially if you’re trying to improve solely through supplementation. Not gonna work.
But, what happens when you combine them?
Say, you decided you were going to increase your exercise, make better more strategic food choices, and supplement (for example fish oil, creatine, amino acids) to aid and accelerate recovery and endurance. What would happen?
Increasing each of those elements would have a compounding effect (similar to interest rates) that would dramatically  transform your fitness.
Each one builds of the other and would have very very similar results like the one I described in the biz school example.
Goals that would have taken 6 months to get to, could now be had in 3 or sooner.
It’s synergy baby. Not, 1+1+1= 3. But, 1+1+1= 10
It’s the power of Compound Fitness. Chew on it. The fittest people in the world have all 3 areas covered. I guarantee it.
Anyway, just something to think about. If you have questions on how to optimize each of these areas ask me or Ed and we’ll show you how.
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