Great Race Day Everyone!!!

-Our lovely Irma-
Congratulations to EVERYONE who finished the 5 mile run over the bridge! It was a great day and I believe the HeyDay crew represented well.
Thank you so much to my sister Rita for organizing the whole damn thing and for getting us hooked up at Omlette and Waffle.
Special recognition to our very own Jenn Ball who placed 2nd in her division (actually got a silver medal) and she placed 8th overall for women. Great job Jenn!!!!
If you were thinking of taking today off dont worry we are going to do a lot of stretching and rolling out, some moderate shoulder strength, and then work on our muscle ups. 🙂
Mobility: Calves, Psoas, Flexion and External Rotation
Stength: 3×3 Seated Shoulder Press
Conditioning: AMRAP in 4min Muschle Ups
***If you do not have a muscle up but your close, we will work on doing the transition more an extended period of time. If your not close to that then we will sub pull ups and dips.