Hawaii Here I Come!!

-HeyDayers looking gooood-
For those who do not know, I will be leaving for Hawaii tomorrow morning and will be gone for 8 awesome days! I will miss you all very, very much. I will make sure to find a crossfit while I am out there. If they don’t have any, I will just find some heavy rocks on the beach to do clean and jerks with.
You guys have fun while I am gone! 🙂
Oh, by the way, there will be a hooverball tourny upon my return….
400m Run
21 Power Cleans #155 #85
21 Pull Ups
400m Run
15 Dumbell Front Squats #35 #20
15 Pull Ups
400m Run
9 Power Cleans
9 Pull Ups
400m Run
***If you want to be a big man use the #53 KettleBells. 🙂

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