HeyDay Making Heros

Introducing Mr. HellRizor
I Know you are sore… so am I. Lets get some work in on our snatch! 🙂
Side Notes:
1) Are you drinking enough water?
2) Are you maintaining a hollow position during your deadlift, push up, jerk, clean, KBS, Handstand, HSPU, etc?
3) Do you have any pain in your shoulder, back, hips, legs, vastus medialis, rectus femoris, semi membranousus, or the gastrocemius, soleus, anterior fibularis?
If your answer was no to the first two of these questions, do not fear, Eddie is here. If you answered “yes” to number three then you need to come in early and do some work with me. I will be at the gym 10 minutes before the class starts, so that means do not show up late and then tell me you have problems as I am putting everyone through the warm up. 🙂
Come in a tidbit early and have a little face time with your friend Red…
Then if time permits AND YOU have your Snatch down…
Amrap in 5
10 KTE
10 Ball Slams