Heyday Summer Challenge, Here We Go!

Getting results doesn’t take time. It’s the not getting results that takes up all the time.
On Saturday, we will be beginning the next Heyday Challenge with our launch meeting. The actual challenge will begin on the following Monday.
It is primarily for fat-loss and will be designed to get you on a training and eating regimen that will work synergistically to yeild rapid results.
It will not be easy but if you follow the steps, it *will* be worth it. Yes, the challenge runs through the first half of the summer including the 4th of July so if that spoils your summer plans you may need to skip it. Keep in mind though there will never be a perfect time.
There’s always something. If its not summer then it’s the beginning of school. If its not school, its the holidays, then its spring break… or tax season… or wedding season or whatever.
If you want this, then circumstances will not sway you. If you kinda want this, they always will. But trust me, you will not be a fun-less social-outcast by any means if you do the challenge.
Like I said this challenge is for fat-loss and body composition so if you are relatively happy with how you look right now and/or you do not feel you have any body fat to lose, then this challenge is not for you.
Also, this is not a performance based diet per se. Meaning when someone is eating to shed body-fat they shouldn’t expect gains in strength or a faster Helen time.
If I were having you eat to compete, you would be eating slightly different than the plan I have for this challenge.
That being said, I do think most people on this challenge *will* still get stronger and faster because they will still be getting:
* All the fuel to recover and supercompensate.
* Still be training hard and resting.
* And probably eating *more* than they currently are now.
So in a sense you will be having your crossfit cake and eating it too.
You can reasonably expect to lose 8-12 lbs of fat over 40 days and 5-8 pounds of fat and may even gain a pound or two of muscle.
This would mean a 185 lbs man with 15% bodyfat (average) who lost 10 lbs would be 175 lbs 10% bodyfat by the end of the challenge. That would be 2% short of the full-on six-pack visibility.
Also note when you lose body fat, we call it recomposition (a change in the ratio of bodyfat to lean mass). Recomposition only requires a few pounds to make huge visible changes.
When we meet on Saturday, I will be going over the details of the challenge. We will take measurements and photos and go over the nutritional basics that make up the program so you can learn the *why* as much as the *how* of losing bodyfat.
You will, like the Paleo Challenge, be given a grocery list as well as an optional supplement list (primarily protein powder and fish oil) so that you may go shopping before monday.
If you plan on doing the challenge, I strongly suggest you food journal for 3-5 days until we start on Monday. You are also strongly advised to “empty the pantry” of foods that will squander your efforts. This will maximize your results as it will help me tailor the program for your needs more effectively.
Now that I’ve briefly described the nature of our challenge I want to help you decide whether this challenge is something you should do.
If you:
*Are in a funk, rutt, or plateau with your eating and body, this will be an amazing kickstart to create momentum.
*If you have an excess 10-20lbs bodyfat to lose this will be a game-changer for you and help you shed what is often the most difficult fat to lose.
*If you have 20lbs or more to lose this will catapult you forward into a plan that you can carry on past the 40 day mark. You can also expect to lose more  than the average person on a plan like this since you carry more bodyfat your body will likely respond more dramatically.
*If you need to increase your conditioning through clean eating and a structured endurance/cardio/interval program, this challenge will have a rigorous training schedule that you will have to follow and will mean significant results for your endurance and speed.
Do not do this plan if:
*You will “modify” into your own plan. Follow it the way it’s laid out.
*You refuse to eat more. Some, no many of you, will have to eat more food to lose bodyfat. If you simply can’t get around that for fear of gaining weight than you’ll be wasting your time.
*You are half-heartedly up to the challenge. This will be very doable but it will be challenging. You’ll have to eat right everyday. You’ll have to do the assigned training every week and you’ll have to track results and show up to the meetings. We will help you every step of the way. If you need to reschedule check-ins, need routines to follow on trips, etc. if you want to make it happen we can work around most things.
*If you are currently trying to gain weight.
*If you do not want to lose any weight (duh!).
Also, keep in mind that this is not a Paleo Challenge. You will be eating mostly real-unprocessed  Paleo food but there are elements that don’t make it a traditional Paleo Challenge.
The fee for the challenge is $50 for members and $100 for non-members for 40 days. ($35 for members and $50 for non-members for a more intense but shorter A.D.D-friendly 21 days)
There is a sign up sheet in the gym where you enroll. Our last challenge had over 50 people. This challenge is capped at 30.
If you cannot make this meeting at 11:00AM on Saturday ask me (Ricky) to re-schedule a meeting with you.
And just to let you know here are some of the stats from our last challenge:
The top 3 men in the Paleo Challenge lost:
-13.6lbs and 3.25 inches
-13 pounds 6.75 inches
-11 pounds and 3.5 inches
The top 3 women lost:
-8.4lbs and 5 inches
-18lbs and 9.5 inches
-17lbs and 5.5 inches
All during Thanksgiving and Christmas!
The before/after pictures were even more dramatic but for their sake, I’ll ask before I publish anything. 🙂
Keep in mind these were the people who did the plan all the way ’till the end. Not all of them did it perfectly mind you, but when they screwed up they got right back on track and it paid off.
These results were relatively predictable for people who stuck ’till the end. Meaning, if you didn’t quit half-way through then people met their goal.
So, if this sounds like something you can benefit from do it and don’t look back. If you have any friends or co-workers who need something short-term to get their ass in gear with a lot of hand-holding and clear steps for weight-loss this is the plan for them. Tell them about it.
Alright guys I hope to see you all Saturday. Of course you can hit me with any questions you have until then.

For more info and rescheduling call 310.692.4HEY

BY The Way:

Make an effort to not be late. It’s getting excessive lately because of the parking situation. Try to show up to account for the lack of parking. Also, we can double park until the filming next door ends.
Also, before bringing a friend to workout make sure you clear it with us. We love having guests but we need to make sure we have room in the class so unexpected, highly-unexperienced guests are not ideal. Beginners should be briefed before diving into a class.
5 Rounds
5 Power Cleans #205/#135
10 Burpee Pull-Ups