Heyday's Gloria Lockhart: Unmasked

This week our very own Gloria Lockhart, has the release of her personal memoir coming out.
The book is called Unmasking: A Woman’s Journey and was published this week. If you have had the pleasure of meeting Gloria, you quickly realize how kind-hearted and positive she is in the gym despite the grueling work we do in the here.
By reading the synopsis to her story you quickly realize her journey here has not been an easy one and she has lots of wisdom to share from the stories and experiences she divulges in her book. I encourage you to check it out. I know I will.
We are very proud to have an author among the very talented pool of people here at Heyday.
You can find her book on Amazon and find out more about Gloria on her Website.
Unmasking: A Woman’s Journey is a memoir of courage, hope, forgiveness and healing. Gloria Ewing Lockhart intimately chronicles the road to forgiveness in her memoir. Her widespread roots began in the segregated South and are revealed as she examines how to triumphantly free herself of confining roles and overcome societal pigeonholes. Her upbringing was scarred by divorced, abandonment, adoption, molestation, and bullying. Through a very personal journey of memory and miles, she sheds her negative mantras along with a multitude of obstacles threatening her life and livelihood.
Advanced Praise
If you have been struggling with how to forgive your past, how to be encouraged, how to find the hope that is there for all of us, and then to heal and be empowered, then this book is one you definitely want to read.” –Karen Ceaser
Lisa Richardson, M.D., Pediatrics/Adolescent Medicine, USC, says, “Through candid speech and blatant honesty, Lockhart’s triumphant memoir captures the true essences of resilience and forgiveness…truly an example for our youth to follow.”
4×3 Quarter Front Squat
300m Shuttle
10 Wall Walk
20 Burpees
30 DB Push Press #35/25
40 Box Jumps #24/20
50 Oh Lunges
300m Shuttle

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