Hoover Ball This Sunday 1 O'clock at Torrance Beach

-Hoover Ball-
Hoover Ball??? What the hell is that? Most of you are probably saying. Well, let me tell you that it is the most awesome game ever invented!!! Everyone who I have gotten to try it has loved it.
Last year we had a couple workouts down at Cabrillo Beach and we played it, and guess what? Everyone enjoyed it!
So, this SUNDAY we are going to be playing down at Torrance Beach. We will get there around 12:30 to try and grab a net. We will be playing until sun down. So, if anyone is interested in checking it out or just coming out to hang at the beach with a bunch of beautiful fun people. Feel free to come! 🙂
Little history on Hoover Ball: it was invented during President Hoovers term in order to keep him in shape, he used to play with the Secret Service… Well that’s what I heard anyway.
Team Tire Flip
Flip the tire 150m
Note: Each team member must jump in and out of the tire after every flip.
Post WOD
Ring Stability Work with Red

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