How Does Personal Training Work?

As you are aware by now, personal training is an investment. It’s an investment financially, an investment mentally and physically and most importantly an investment in yourself. So, if you’re going to jump all in and invest in personal training, let’s understand exactly what you’re getting yourself into! The answer to how exactly personal training works takes a two part explanation: the basics and the specifics.
The basic part of personal training is covered across all personal training programs. It’s the basic steps of how personal training works. First, you applaud yourself and celebrate because you have decided that you are worth it, your well being is important and you are officially investing in achieving your goals! Then what? Well, when you sign up for personal training you are signing up to get a certified coach to help you organize a workout program in order to achieve your fitness goal(s). Your personal trainer guides you through your workout program and coaches you along the way. They help assure you are maintaining proper form to avoid injuries, they will motivate you to push past your limits and they will hold you accountable to your program. Ideally, the basics also include your personal trainer making adjustments to your program along the way based on your progress.
The rest of how personal training works is based on the specifics. The specifics are unique to the gym and/or personal trainer you choose. The specifics are also based on you and your needs. Personal training programs tailor to you. The best personal training program works around your schedule, your injuries, your abilities, your specific goals, etc. Do some research and ask questions first to make sure you find a personal trainer that will invest in the specifics and invest in you just as much, if not more, than you invest in them.
Here at our San Pedro Gym Heyday Elite Fitness we do just that, we base the specifics of how personal training works around you. We have helped produce incredible results across all ages and all goals. Your goals are our first priority which is why we want to be sure we are the right fit for you first. Here is a step by step guide to how a Personal Trainer in San Pedro works here at Heyday!

Step 1: The Discovery Session

After you applaud yourself and celebrate, we ask that you set up a free “discovery session” call* so we can get to know you! During your call we will ask you questions to help us understand your goals, your schedule, your limitations, etc. After the chat, we will set up an assessment at the gym with you.
*To setup your free discovery session please call (310) 853-5302 and leave your name, number and the best time to reach you. We will return your call within 24 hours to begin your session!

Step 2: The Assessment

The assessment at the gym is designed to understand where you are currently at in your fitness journey. It’s an easy process that helps us learn where your starting point is. Once we find your starting point, we are able to develop specific exercises for you and your program. We will walk you through what your program might look like so you’re aware of how your training process with us will go before jumping in. After the assessment we will also be able to help you understand how long your program needs to be in order to achieve your target weight or goal.

Step 3: The Perfect Match

If after the assessment we leave you feeling energized about your workout program and confident that we can help you achieve your goals we will get you started with your personal trainer! Your personal trainer will be selected based on your assessment results, your goals and your desired schedule. From there, we will setup your first personal training session and the first workout towards a better, happier you!

Step 4: The Workout Session

As mentioned, your workout session with your new personal trainer will be designed specifically to you! We will move at your pace and make sure you’re comfortable throughout the entire process. We will make our sessions fun and something to look forward to. We will take your body through things that it is designed to do: run, push, pull, swing, carry, crawl, etc. We will monitor your progress and provide adjustments as needed to keep you on track to create results and achieve your goals. You will break a sweat, you will get stronger, you will get faster and you will end each session feeling better than when you started!
The final step to how personal training works is creating your personal training schedule. You and your trainer will decide how many sessions are needed to reach your goals and eventually you will become comfortable and educated enough to continue your program on your own or until you’re ready to conquer a new fitness goal! Here at Heyday our goal is to help you find a way to achieve your goals, whatever way that may be. Let’s see if we’re a perfect match and call us today! We also offer a San Pedro CrossFit Gym as an option or in addition to your personal training!

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