How Much Does a Good Personal Trainer Cost?

Yes, it seems like a simple question because the answer you’re looking for is a simple dollar range. But, the answer is a little more complex than that. Let’s get to the answer after asking a few more questions. How much are the following things worth to you: Achieving your fitness goals? A motivational coach? Exercising injury-free? Maximum results with the least amount of time exercising? Add those all together, that’s how much a good personal trainer costs. The answer, priceless.
Okay, priceless is a little cliche but that is how you should calculate the cost for your personal trainer. Your price tag is dependent on those questions and what they are worth to you. The higher the importance, the higher the cost. Why? Because the higher the importance, the higher the education, the training and the planning expertise your coach needs to have. Your coach invests in their development to help you invest in your health goals.
Remember, your investment in your health is also an investment in your education. Personal or group training educates you with each session. You learn the proper way to use machines, use your body weight, efficiently burn fat and ensure each workout is effective. Once you become confident in your own training and education you won’t need a personal trainer and can continue exercising on your own. It’s an upfront cost for a long-term investment in yourself, your health and your confidence!
Your price tag can range from $30-$90 per one hour session, again dependent on your answers to the above. The average is $60. That means $60 for average training, education and planning. Here at our San Pedro Gym Heyday Elite Fitness your investment is $75 per one hour session. Why? The San Pedro Personal Trainers here at Heyday are highly educated and highly trained to help people achieve their goals and motivate them forward so the price tag leans towards the higher end.
Your goals are our first priority which is why we at Heyday want to be sure we are the right fit for you first. Your first session is $37 for a half hour or $47 for one hour. If you find we are the right fit for you, we celebrate with you and apply your $37 or $47 towards the next session you decide to purchase. That means, your first session is FREE! If you decide our personal training isn’t for you, that is okay and maybe Group Coaching is! We will then give you 2 weeks of our Group Coaching for free ($110 value). We also offer a San Pedro CrossFit Gym! Here at Heyday our goal is to help you find a way to achieve your goals, whatever way that may be. Let’s see if we’re a perfect match and try us today!

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