How To Live To 100

So, I came across some info I wanted to share with you. If you’re on the email list you’ll see this info again.
It’s a study of the longest living people on the planet.
So, what do Seventh-Day Adventists in California, the residents of Sardinia, Italy and the inhabitants of the islands of Okinawa, Japan have in common?
They enjoy the longest, healthiest lives on the planet.
National Geographic writer and explorer Dan Buettner assembled a team of researchers to seek out these “hotspots of human health and vitality” which he calls: Blue Zones, and to figure out what they do that helps them live so long. While doing so, they distilled their secrets into a single plan for health and long life.
Well we got a hold of these “secrets” and brought them to you.
Your welcome. 🙂
So, what is they key to longevity? That is, not just old age, but aging with grace and vigor. We’re talking growing old with body in mind in tact. Is it, yoga, running marathons, the south beach diet, or eating organic?
Did you know:
* Research shows about 10% of disease is genetic, 90% is lifestyle
* We have 35 trillion cells that replicate over and over, and over time, the quality of these cells diminish. Like a CD burned over and over again.
So even though 100 year old are the fastest growing demographic, only 1 in 5000 people make it there.
Because we are not programmed for longevity, but for procreative success. i.e live to have kids and see your kids have kids.
Despite our programming, studies show our western lifestyles leave about 12 good disease-free years on the table.
How can we get these years back?
Below you’ll find a list of findings characteristic of the healthiest-longest-living-kick-ass people on the planet. We’re talking 80 year-old Marathon Runners, 97 year-old Heart Surgeons, Fishermen and Skydivers. All of them are silver-haired, seniors kicking ass and collecting social security checks.
Here goes…
* The Grandmother Effect – When a society is organized to treasure elders.
Ever notice in the states, social equity peaks at around age 24? Well, as it turns out, how we treat the older people affects our longevity. Societies where social equity increases with age, where elders are celebrated for their wisdom and old age, have longer life expectancies for not only the aging parents, but have lower rates of child mortality and disease.
* The Eat Till 80% Full Rule
Their eating habits include all of these hedges against over-eating (a HUGE problem in America) which include:
1. Eating off of smaller plates resulting in fewer calories at every sitting.
2. Serve their meals and put the remaining food away before eating. This makes a second serving done deliberately, not mindlessly.
3. They live by a 3,000 year old Confucian adage, stop eating when you’re 80% full.
* They have an Ee Kee Guy (spelled phonetically)
This is Japanese for, The reason for which you wake up. For Centaurians, the reason for waking up is very clear. Are you?
* The Shutdown Ritual
They all take time to slow down, albeit, reflection, introspection, meditation, prayer and nature walks.
*They Move Naturally
I’m about to surprise you… None of them exercise. Gasp! At least not in the way we’ve come to understand it. Yup, rather than slaving on the eliptical, activity is hardwired into daily life. They climb stairs, churn butter; Many have gardens, and of course they walk… a lot!
When they do intentional activity, it is doing things they enjoy.
* They design their lives with the right outlook
They All take time to downshift and slow down. When we live lives in a hurry, we trigger something called The Inflammatory Response associated with Alzheimers and Cardiovascular Disease
* All have language for sense of purpose
The 2 most dangerous years of your life are the year you’re born, because of infant mortality and the year you retire. These people know their sense of purpose and live according to it.
* They Eat Wisely
All have some alcohol (not a hard sell right?)
Nuts, seeds, legumes
Plant slant
They apply the 80% full rule (this is the 2nd time that you mention it)
* They all have connection
They do not live lives of isolation but rather…
* They put loved ones first
They are close to their families and grow old with friends by their side. In the community studied in Okinawa the women have an average of 6 friends they age with.
*They have the right tribe
They are surrounded by the right people. By people who live by these precepts and, as such, live longer.
So when it comes to staying healthy, fit and living a life of longevity, there is no short term fix. No diet has ever worked for more than 2% of the population. So, it turns out, being active, having lifelong friends and a few sound eating habits are the best way to add years to your life and life to your years.
5×5 Floor Press
Max Tempo pushups
Max Regular pushups
Max Kipping Pushups