How To Meal Prep For Fat Loss (In Under an Hour)

How do You Lose Weight? How Do You Transform You Body?
Train regularly and eat healthy food.
Simple right?
And yet the weight loss and exercise market makes billions of dollars trying to make it more complicated.
Simple as it is, it isn’t easy.
It is hard to train consistently. Making it to the gym is no small feat. You have kids, mortgages, careers, marriages, class, all of these things seem to conspire to keep you out of the gym.
Fitness has to be a real priority to not get lost among all the other “stuff” on your plate.
Eating healthy is much the same. It is very difficult to eat healthy food most of the time. To fill your body with the right macro-nutrients everyday.
Despite all the odds life stacks against us causing so many of us to fail, there are many that do succeed.
What makes the difference?
What do “they” have that others don’t?

The ability to follow simple steps over and over to the point where it is hard-wired in to your life.
The point where you do it without having to *force* yourself to do it.
It’s just something you do.
How do you create a habit?
You create a weekly ritual.

One that guarantees the outcome you are looking for.
Want lung cancer? Follow a ritual of smoking one pack of cigarettes a day. Do that long enough, and the power of habit, over time, can make that happen.
Want a lean strong physique? Follow a ritual of exercise and balanced diet.
Notice both examples. A habit can either work for you or against you.
We all have habits and they will create consequences. You decide what those consequences will be by the habits you choose to adopt.
In terms of fitness…
There are few things more valuable to permanent weight loss than the ability to follow a ritual.
It is easier to help a person who eats a mediocre diet habitually than someone who eats healthy food erratically.
No plan is still a plan. It’s just a bad one.
Several times a year, we hold challenges that sort of serves as training wheels to develop the habit of healthy eating.
For forty to fifty days you have to follow the plan and to the degree that you prepare, or just do what most people do and wing it, you will be successful.
Ben and Heidi Hebert are a couple who completed one of our challenges with wild success. They took on the challenge, and knew that with their hectic work schedules they would need to have their meal prepped before the craziness of the week began.
Hence the miracle of “Meal Prep”. Each Sunday, they’d hit the grocery store and but generally the same (healthy) items every week. Simple, convenient foods that were healthy. From there they would get home and get to work. They would unload the groceries and then commence a process usually about an hour in which they would cook, and package all of their meals for the week. Each Monday, all they had to do was walk to the fridge, and grab their meals for the day. It was a very simple but incredibly effective process that ultimately created this:

Heidi was already pretty fit but she leaned out even more.

And this…
Watch the video below to hear them explain their weekly meal prep and maybe you can glean some insight and motivation to do it yourself…

Ben and Heidi’s Weekly Meal Prep Shopping List

  1. 2 Cartons of Eggs (18 count)
  2. 2 Boxes of baby spinach
  3. 2 Pounds of Deli Meat
  4. 2 Packages of Strawberries
  5. 2 Packages of Blueberries
  6. 2 Cucumbers
  7. 1 Bag of baby carrots
  8. 1 Large carton of Greek Yogurt


  1. 1 Grown-up Lunch Box
  2. 2 Cold Packs
  3. Zip lock bags
  4. Meal Tupperware containers
  5. Teaspoon and Cup Measure

Having all of these supplies is half the battle. From there you simply cook up the food, package them and store away ready for you to grab each day.
There are plenty of recipes that are “cook in bulk” friendly (casseroles, frittatas, etc) Pinterest is a good place to look.
And if you find yourself in need of ideas for recipes, Heidi recently started a blog just to showcase and share her healthy and delicious cooking.

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