How You Like Them Apples: Wednesday's WOD and a Question from one of our readers.

For time:
Run 800 meters
15 left-legged pistols
15 right-legged pistols
25 sit-ups
12 left-legged pistols
12 right-legged pistols
25 sit-ups
9 right-legged pistols
9 left legged pistols
25 sit-ups
Run 800 meters
“Pistol” is one-legged squat with Kettlebell or dumbbell. Use 1 1/2 pood Kettlebell or 55 pound dumbbell for pistols. Post time to comments.
Question: I eat a ton of fruit, its like I live off apples! Is it bad if I eat too many apples in a day? Random but my mom think its not the best..And one more question, nutrition bars. I notice that if I dont have time to eat lunch I will eat like a power bar thing, is that an OK solution? Or what is your take on them?
So fruit is obviously good for you but…. you CAN have too much of a good thing.
So let me explain it like this. All the food you eat goes primarily into 1 of 3 categories as far as calories go. And that is Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fat.
Fruit falls into the Carb group. So does the powerbar.
To be healthy, lean, decrease bodyfat, and anything else fitness related, you NEED to balance your eating so that the foods you eat come from all 3 categories.
This is where most people get it wrong.
They think they’re eating healthy because they eat, granola, oatmeal, trail mix, yogurt, fruit, Kashi cereal, salads, Naked Juice, and the like.
But, every single one of those foods falls into the carb category which means a huge imbalance. Your body gets overloaded with sugar and it converts to fat.
So to answer your question, if youre eating apples and the occasional powerbar but neglecting to get ample sources of protein (meat) and fat(nuts, olive oil, avocado, etc.) you could be setting yourself up for problems like weight gain and things like that.
Apples are great so don’t stop eating them. But change it up and diversify your calories.
A rule of thumb to stay healthy and slender is:
your number one source of calories should be protein followed by fats then carbs. and eat veggies all day long.
As for the powerbar. I’d eat those as a last resort ONLY when there is nothing else. Eat food in its natural form. The fewer (artificial) ingredients the better.
the best bars are Lara bars. all natural no soy no dairy no gluten (things you dont want)