I Like CrossFit. I Love Heyday.

I Like CrossFit-

I like this crazy thing called CrossFit, I like it because is has this amazing ability to expose our greatest weaknesses. This ability CrossFit beholds gives us not one but two opportunities A) ignore and avoid any and all weaknesses and continue being “weak sauce” or B) hone in, practice and master our weaknesses therefore turning them into strengths and become “awesome.” I know everyone at Heyday has chosen option B because I think you are all pretty dang awesome.
I’m not trying to pick on Ralphie. I think he’s a great example and due to the fact that he injured his hamstring this week, he is going to have a lot if time to work on those goats of his (btw goats are weaknesses, I don’t know why they call them that).
Ralphie is pretty well rounded when it comes to CrossFit. He’s been doing great these past four months and has improved astronomically in the time he has been with us. Ralphie also has an Achilles heal, and it was quite obvious what it was on Monday. Pull ups. Ralphie does not like pull ups or handstand push ups for that matter. The fact that he is 6″2 220 probably has nothing to do with his distaste for the two extremely difficult gymnastic movements. (haha)
Those two movements just happened to be in the same workout together and they kicked Ralph’s ass this past Monday. From what I heard, I don’t think he was able to finish the workout.
I think this experience was great for him because it was an eye opener for things he needs to work on and goes to show that being a CrossFit athlete one can always evolve and improve.
He has been bummed out lately because of his injury, which is totally understandable, so I told him tonight that he has a golden opportunity (about four weeks of recovery time for his hamstring) to get really really good at doing both pull ups and handstand push ups since he will not be able to do to much on his leg. Maybe he could even become the best in the gym at doing them, who knows.
Bam! Just like that Ralph is back in the game. And most likely will returning from an injury as a better athlete.
Another thing that is great about CrossFit, is that when you get injured you can gear and mold your workouts to go around your injury. This aspect of CrossFit allows the injured athlete to both be a part of the group classes and to continue on the path to being “awesome.”
I Love Heyday-

Confession of a Heyday Coach:
For the past two weeks I have mainly been working out in our local Globo Gym. Yes, I know, crazy. I was working out there because I have been focusing mainly on strength for the past two weeks and therefore was forced to do workouts by myself and instead of doing them at Heyday I went there.
The other day I was there, resting in between my sets of power cleans, when it hit me. “I don’t like it here”. It’s not that I don’t like the people that are in the gym, for all I know they are great and I just don’t know them, it was just the over all feeling. It was lacking so much of what I get out of being at Heyday.
What I love about Heyday is that I know everyone there. I also love that I genuinely like everyone that I know at Heyday. I love the fact that whenever I am there I manage to laugh like a giddy little school girl. I love it when someone new signs up and tells me they are only going to sign up for three months and then workout on their own, then to find that same person six moths later wanting to sign up for another three months. I like seeing friendships develop between people who if not for Heyday never would have become friends. I like having the opportunity to coach people that care about taking there fitness serious while having a fantastic time doing it. I like the fact that I am challenged by the people at Heyday to be a better athlete, better person, and better coach every day that I am there. I love that everyday someone workouts at Heyday they are better than they were yesterday.
I could go on like this all night but I’m coaching early and need some sleep. Love y’all.
Skill work: squat snatch (light weight)
“Tabata Something Else”
Tabata Pull Ups
Tabata Push Ups
Tabata Air Squats
Tabata Sit Ups
*** There will be no rest in-between each set of Tabatas. This comes out to a grand total of 16 minutes in heaven. Oh-la-la. 🙂

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