ICEF Kids… They Keep Me on my Toes

From left to right: Fo’, Master, Little Q, Warren, Charles in Charge, Thomas and Elmer.
These kids had me laugh soooo hard today while I was coaching them. FYI, I coach inner city schools how to play rugby. This is my third year with these kids and it has been awesome! They are becoming little men and today I watched them for the first time actually play rugby! I mean it was not great but they were getting it and it made me feel oh so good! The highlight was when they were practicing their passes and someone threw the ball to Elmer, it was a little out of his reach and he went for it, lost his balance, and fell into the BIGGEST mud puddle on the field and all the other kids dropped to the ground dying of laughter and I could not control myself, I began laughing uncontrollably. It was so so funny! Good thing Elmer was a good sport and he started laughing himself.
Just thought I would share my day with you.
Todays workout is going to be different. If you have been coming for the past three days, I know how you feel; you will be doing re-gen with me. If you have missed mon, tues or wed you will be making up one of those workouts. See you guys in the AM.

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