Do you Suffer From WOD Avoidance??

Hey, it’s Ricky here… I don’t know about you, but I’m literally still crippled (or close to it) from Monday’s onslaught of a workout. I just finished 6 400m Runs… Wow… Not fun!
I mean, tonight was a really hard workout for me, not just in the traditional “Boy oh boy tough workout!”, but in the, “I wake up in night sweats because I dreamt of  running 400m sprints”. We all have ’em, they are the exercises we “cherry pick”, like this gym is a hometown buffet. We just skip over the potatoe salad, or in my case it’s a quarter mile sprint. I hate them, and I know this means I certainly stand to gain the most from doing them because such running is not a strong suit for me. Trust me, the same applies to everyone. The workouts you avoid, or anything for that matter, are what you should be doing, as they are often the things that will do you the most good. So knuckle down, bite the bullet, skin the cat, whatever! Just do that thing!
For me, this thing used to be squats. I hated them, and when I say hate, I am sorry because I cannot thing of a stronger word! But I knew, just knew if I fought my own resistance,  I would have so much to gain from it. Now I love them and you have no idea what it has done for me.
If you stopped and turned around on the one thing you constantly run from, kicked off your heels and became the chaser, you would amaze yourself.
As I finished my 6th and last run, a personal victory over my resistance, Eddie handed me the timer so he could do a sprint himself. With a twinkle in his eye that said, “I’m going to make your best time my jailhouse girlfriend”, he promptly removed his shirt and took off. He beat me by ten seconds.
Sheila approached me to remind me, the timekeeper, in case I had not noticed, that he not only beat me, but by an unacceptable, laughable margin. haha! Thank you Sheila. 🙂
Well, he did. That’s ok. It’s more than ok, it’s a necessity. It reminds me of a quote:

“If you feel smart, you are hanging around
with the wrong people”

That exactly what something like this equates to. If I came and had no one to set the bar for me, I would be depriving myself of a lot of growth. Surround yourself with people better than you and watch it change everything.
So, if you find with what I call “WOD Avoidance” it’s normal. Embrace it and take it as an opportunity to get some!
See You tomorrow!
5 Rounds
5 Overhead squats
Met Con
5 Rounds
5 Burpees
10 Kbell swings
15 Tuck jumps

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