Keep Your Chin up

Workout of the Day:
A. Deadlift 4×4-5 Reps (no rep maxes just heavy loads)
B. Strict Chin Up 4×6-10 Reps
C1. Split Squat 4×6-8 Reps
* Load with DB in hands.
C2. Single Arm DB Bent Over Row 4×4-5 Reps
D. Accumulate 5 Minutes FLR on Low Rings
A. 8 Sets – every 2 min:
1 Bnk PP + 1 Bnk Power Jerk + 1 Bnk Jerk (moderate loads, speed focus)
B1 Pistol Tech Work 3×5 / Leg @30X1
* These should not kill you.
B2. (Wendler week 6 of 8)
Shoulder Press 3@70, 3@80, 3+@90
These are still based off of 90% of 1RM, make sure you added 5 lbs to your old 1RM.
5 Rounds for Time:
10 Power Snatch 135/95
15 CTB Pull Ups
20 Wall Ball

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