Last week was a benchmark week so in 8 weeks you will get to see your progress. If you have weight-loss goals it is VERY IMPORTANT to also take measurements.
It is good to keep tabs on your body if you are hoping to change it. So make sure to grab some measuring tape and put in your PR packet. 🙂
I’m also looking to send out more informative emails on our member newsletter. I want to cover all topics relating to fitness and nutrition. So, if you have any burning questions you like me to cover let me know and I can make it the topic of a post or email. All you have to do is email me ( or comment below with:
What is your number one question/stumbling-block about fitness, health, weight-loss, lifting or CrossFit?
How hard has it been to find/implement an answer to that question?
A. Difficult
B. Somewhat difficult
C. Very Difficult
Send your questions and I will write posts around those that seem to affect the most people.
High Hang Clean and Jerk @80% of 1RM
1 Rep. Every thirty seconds for 4:30
5 Rounds
200m Run
10 Thrusters #95/65
15 Burpees