Strong Pedro Memorial Day FunRun

As you may or may not have heard, over the last couple months we have been fundraising for an initiative to get fitness equipment installed in the park.
It’s part of a greater overall effort to get the locals of San Pedro to utilize the city’s parks as an avenue to getting fit.
In cities like Redondo and Long Beach, you see hundreds of the cities residents outside exercising, participating in fitness classes, and it gives the city an air of vibrance and health.
It also helps make the city an overall safer, more inviting community.
We are in the process of organizing community fitness classes; boot camp, yoga, Crossfit to be held in Plaza Park but that can’t happen without the support of the San Pedro community.
That along with a brand new pullup rig, mile markers on the sidewalk and brand new stair cases installed at the park (perfect for sprints), we’ll have a great outdoor facility for all to enjoy.
We’ve nearly met our financial fundraising goals (over $20,000 dollars combined with the city and donors here at the gym) to make all of this happen but need just a little more to reach our goal.
But more importantly, we NEED awareness.
We need as many people to know these initiatives are being made available to the community.
So to help make that happen, our gym along with San Pedro Fit run by Carla Baccio is organizing a Memorial Day 5k Funrun.
It’s not a ‘formal’ 5k with bibs, timing chips, and closed-off streets. It’s simply a way for all of us to meet and exercise together by also spreading the word about what we’re doing at the park.
Our vision is to have a huge crowd donning the STRONG PEDRO t-shirts running together along beacon and Harbor blvd.
The run is free. But we are suggesting a donation of $25 OR for $40 you get a STONG PEDRO shirt to wear for the race.
To get the shirt you need only submit ( a donation receipt from here: on or before MAY 22nd.
To register, Please join us by going here:
Memorial Day Funrun 5k
Place: Plaza Park San Pedro
Time: 8:30am
***All classes will be closed on memorial day in observance of the holiday.
*****WE WILL BE DOING MURPH on the Saturday before Memorial Day (May 28th) at 10am
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Strong Pedro
Workout of the Day
A. Clean to Press
B. 10 Rounds For time
10 Goblet Squat
8 KB or DB Snatch
6 Box Jump
4 Push Ups
2 Strict Pull Ups
A . 4×10 UB Clean and Jerk 115/75
B.10 Rounds For Time
5 Front Squat 185/110
4 KBS 70/53
3 Box Jump 30/24
2 Strict HSPU
1 Muscle Up

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