Workout of the Day:
5:00 Ride or Row
2×5 Wall Squat (feet perpendicular with wall, nose touching wall, squat as low as the wall will allow)
2×5 Goblet (w/:5 hold in bottom, only to parallel)
2x20m Walking Lunge (forward 10m, backwards 10m)
A1. Banded Glute Bridge 3×15-20 (hold for a 1 count at top of bridge)
A2. Thrust to Brace w/Partner Pulling Band 3×5-10 Reps (Hold the brace position for a 3 count while partner puuls band)
B. Back Squat 3×6 (build weight each set)
C. 3x10m WTD Over Head Lunge @22X1
D. Foam Roll and Static Stretch Lower Body 5:00

A. Snatch
EMOMx12: 1 Squat Snatch
Mins 1-2-3 @ 75%
Mins 4-5-6 @ 80%
Mins 7-8-9 @ 85%
Min 10 @ 90%
Mins 11-12 @ 85%
B. Clean and Jerk
Work up to a heavy set of the following complex:
2 High Hang Squat Cleans + 1 Jerk
High Hang Cleans are from a vertical torso position and the bar at mid-thigh with knees bent.
C. Squat Strength
3×10 Back Squats
D. Gymnastics Conditioning
4 sets of 8-15 unbroken Kipping HSPU, rest as little as needed to get the next set, but you must get at least 8 reps.
E. Conditioning
3 RFT:
400m Run
21 Burpees

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