What or who motivates you? I saw something funny today during the 10 o’clock class. A certain someone came in expecting to do a front squat WOD but he did not know I had changed it due to the fact that we destroyed our legs doing thrusters on Monday. So, a certain someone began complaining and moaning about the workout and was about to walk out when good o’l Handsome Rob walked in through the door, then this certain someone immediately stopped complaing and said, “Well if you are here, then I am doing it too Rob”. This certain someone who was hurt so much from the last two days, was ready to go home and go back to sleep, but Rob lit a fire within this certain someone to do the workout, it was a beautiful thing to witness!

Who gets you going at the gym?
Who’s the person you always secretly try to beat?

Tomorrows WOD is a mystery… hence the question mark…

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