New Beginnings

FYI this is just a pic of me working my weekend job…..let me know if you guys are interested
Sorry for the lack of Posts this week. The boys and I have been very busy getting the new gym operational and so far it is looking fantastic needless to say. Our next post will have the confirmation for the Paleo mini seminar, this will get you guys more prepared for the challenge. We are pushing the challenge back one week in order for everything to go smoothly. Bare with us please it will be worth it.
Wod for 12/30/09
Work on Hang Cleans
Then Death by 10m sprint
Wod for 12/31/09
150 Burpees for time
High fives will be given out to anyone that shows up for this workout…..I will be there so I will give myself a high five and I know you all want me to give you a high five so you can be cool like me, so see you all New Years Eve

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