New Year…New Fran Time…Yes Sir

– Renae handling business post WOD –
Ok, let me just say that I thought our New Years party ROCKED!!! I had so much fun and I believe everyone else there did too. It was funny setting up pr- party, Rob and I were driving all over town picking up heaters and what not, we were joking “what if” we were the ones to organize the party. Rob and I could (and I stress could) potentially throw a good party, but hey lets be honest here, we would not have been in the same league as the AWESOME ladies that handled the real party!
The ladies took the reins on this one and made it an awesome event. The boys that did help did not even have to move any heavy objects. The girls were NFA and had a TCB attitude.
I want to give a BIG thanks to Susie, JennBall, Savannah, Rita Rizor, and MegDog. You guys made some magic happen that night and we could not have done it without you guys. And of course the handsome devil Rob for letting us throw the shin dig at his beautiful totally heterosexual house.
Yes Fran!