Ohh to be young again…

I brought my nephews, niece and sister to the gym over the weekend and I let them have free reign to do whatever they wanted… It was awesome to watch! Everything we have trouble with they did with ease, they were flipping, falling, and climbing as if they had been training for it their whole lives.
It’s funny how easy it is to move like that when your young. As we get older we forget how to flip, roll, climb and fall. It goes to show that if you are not using it you lose it. If you stop being active you get old, if you stay active you stay young.
I know a 52 year old who surfs 2 days out of the week (if there’s surf) goes for a 30min bike ride one day out of the week, and plays 80 min of soccer on Saturdays (during season). He looks and feels young due to the fact that he has not forgotten how to be young. I also saw him do a tuck and roll like a ninja running at a full sprint! It was awesome!
Side note:
I was talking to Julia a few weeks ago and was asking her how the training was going and how she felt. She responded “I dont feel as old as I did before I started here“. She also said, “I feel younger, and it feels good!
If you are feeling old, we can help you feel young again. 🙂
Hang Power Clean
Front Squat

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