Overnight Success

We’ve all heard of the overnight success. It’s the singer or band, pro ball payer or famous actor. One day they’re a nobody and the next their adoring fans are everywhere selling out stadiums and/or the box office. We also see the overnight success that people try to peddle to us.
They sell us some abdominal/cardio contraption, diet plan, dvd set that *guarantees* “the fat will melt away… overnight!”
I was listening to a man named Steven Furtick who had recently spoke to a coach who said he completely agrees that they *are* overnight successes… with one caveat:
Night, after night, after night, after night, after night, after night, they become successful.
He went on to say:
Do we really think U2’s second gig was Cowboy’s Stadium?
Do we really think Spielberg’s second movie was Jaws?
Do we really think a life is built overnight?
Yes, some people’s road to success – whatever ‘success’ even means – is shorter than others, but that doesn’t mean they took a shortcut. There are no shortcuts to success. Only hard work and consistency”.
Showing up. Night. After night. After night. After night.
We see people come out of nowhere, especially with weight loss or performance, and think: “Whoa!!!! How did you you lose 60lbs (or get so strong/ripped/fit)?! And so fast?! What’s your secret?”
We think there is a secret because we didn’t go to the gym with them at 6am, we didn’t see them prep their weekly meals on Sunday night, we didn’t notice they got chicken and vegetables instead of the pizza. They kept on long enough for it to matter.
And it *DID* happen fast because it doesn’t take long to change your body or get stronger!!!!  It just takes being consistent! It would blow your mind if you knew what could change in your body after 30 days…
We all know P90x or CrossFit can work. But no one is gonna do your burpees for you. No one can buy the healthy groceries, and “pass” on the chocolate cake but YOU.
So as we approach the holiday season and *everyone else* uses the season as an excuse to line their bellies with some  extra seasonal weight-gain to harbor these harsh *California winters* (*denotes sarcasm) choose not to be “That Guy”.
Don’t be the one eating crap all winter thinking January will be the *perfect* time to get “back in shape”. Indulge now and again, of course, but strive to be in fighting shape ALL year long.
As you know the Crossfit Games have been on ESPN the past couple weeks. The men and women on this show are the finest physical specimens anyone has ever seen. They’re not roided out meatheads. They are athletes.
One such athlete is Elvar Karrlson. He placed in the top 50 athletes in THE WORLD at the GF Games.
Ok, great, why should you care? Because 5 years ago he couldn’t do more than 10 push ups and could barely run a mile. Overnight success.
You can check out his brief interview and ponder “If this guy went to from chump, to top 50 in the world in 5 years, where could *I* be in 1 year?”
Then in a year get ready for the, “Whoa!!!! How did you you lose 60lbs (or get so strong/ripped/fit)?! And so fast?! What’s your secret?”
(Then you can tell them it was the shake weight 🙂
Link: http://games.crossfit.com/features/videos/elvars-story
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