Paula Bills Turns 70

On Tuesday Paula Turned 70.
On Saturday we celebrate her as well as Ginny’s 70th Birthday. Come in your best 70’s apparel.
The fact that we have TWO badass women crossfitters in their 70’s is a jawdropping fact I’m proud to boast about.
Today Mike Aspinwall did just that. He worked out with the birthday Gal and took to Facebook to say a little something about her…
“I don’t write about CrossFit very often, but I have this friend, Paula.
We both did today’s workout. It was a long list of stuff to do: running about a mile, around 100 squat variations, jump rope… You get it. I finished a little less than two minutes ahead of my friend, Paula.
Paula turned 70 years old today.

Paula isn’t on Facebook, and she probably won’t ever see this. She probably also won’t ever see that she’s setting a supremely inspiring example. She’s the kind of person I want to be when I’m 70. She’s the kind of person I want to be today. She’s busy doing everything she can, and some things she didn’t know she could.
So, happy birthday to my friend, Paula. And three cheers for kicking ass.”

Recently Paula lost her mother so I imagine this milestone birthday is Bittersweet.
Nonetheless, I hope she knows how impressive she is to all of us here at Heyday and that she can enter her 70th year, knowing how awesome she is.
Happy Birthday Paula.
Workout of the Day
A. 5 times rounds, rest 2:00
10 cal AssBike
10 UB TnG cleans
B. Accessory work
BB curls 2-3×6-10 reps
Banded lay pull downs 2-3×6-10 reps
A) Clean (1) + Front Squat (3)
5 sets … smooth … easy wt, wouldn’t go over 70-75%
B) PJ + SJ
5 sets … smooth, fast wt
C) 3 rounds: 10 alt DB G2OH 15 def HSPU 25 cal Row

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