Perfect Remedy for a Late Friday Night…

I am not saying I was out late Friday night, but I do know that some of you like to go out and cut loose on the weekends.
This may be a myth or folk tale but, there has been talk that a constantly varied functional workout executed with maximal intensity has been known to cure a hangover. Fact or fiction? Only one way to find out!
That is if you can muster up the strength to pull yourself out of bed, maybe brush your teeth, throw on some gym clothes and run out the door. That is the hardest part. Once you’re at the gym, it does not really matter what the workout is because if you are there, then you are going to do it especially if the friends you went out with the night before are there too.
Ok, ok, I can’t take it anymore! I went out this past Friday… not alone. I had the pleasure to be accompanied with Sir Peter and Sir Richard. Let me just say, we had a great night. If you don’t know who Peter is, he is the guy with all the cool tatoos and the nice back. So Pete was the first to awake that morning and he whispered to me, “10am workout, are you in or are you in red?”, I laughed because I thought it was noon and we missed it. I fumbled around the couch, found my phone and noticed it was only 9:29AM. Oh DANG!!! It’s go time!!! I jumped up, threw my clothes on, strapped up my boots, did three handstand push ups in Petes living room and ran out the door.
When I got to the gym Rick had the WOD on the board and it looked really tough, not going to lie. I was ready though, but then there was a kicker. Rick said to me, “yeah, you are going to have to wear the 50lb weight vest” and I said, “Ok”. It did not matter what he told me because I was there and for some reason I had an incredible amount of energy. Maybe it was because I was surrounded by people that were there for the same reason I was (which is to better my quality of life, just in case you did not know) or the fact that it was a beautiful sunny day… Who knows! But I was ready and I loved it!!
I wanted to share my little story with you just in case you are one of those who likes to go out after a long week and… well, you know…
That being said think about partaking in the Saturday WOD it does wonders for the body and it makes that “fun night” not seem like such a bad idea the next day…
Much Love,
Ed Red
10 Rounds
1 Power Snatch
5 OHS (use same weight as Snatch)
10 Push Ups
250m Row
Enjoy 🙂

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