Pretty Ricky

I would like to thank Tara and my sister Rita for making Rick’s party look so damn gooood! I will never plan another party without asking one of these two awesome ladies for help. You guys really know what your doing.
Also, Ralph who took care of a bunch of stuff and handsome Rob who not only helped get everything set up but also let us throw it at his house. My man, Ben, for contributing some speakers for the music and last but not least Rick’s baby girl Emily for coming up with the whole surprise party.
Oh, oh and and everyone who came, brought food, danced your ass off, had a few drinks, had a few shots, had a ton of laughs, and had an overall great time, thank you for coming.
I think our community of people we have is awesome! It’s great when I invite people from outside the gym to join some of our social gatherings and to hear them tell me afterwards how awesome they think everyone is. I had a great time with everyone who came and if you missed out, you better make sure to make our next event. They truly are something special.
Love you all,
Dynamic Warm Up
Practice Muscle Ups for 10 minutes
5x 400m run
*** 1 minute rest between bouts.

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