Princess WOD (And Schedule Note)

This September 12th we will be hosting a benefit workout to raise money for Nicole’s niece Rylee.
WOD details to come but the most important thing to note is that it is a Princess WOD because well, Rylee is and loves Princess’—which also means everyone participating should wear a princess costume 🙂
Save the date!
**** Schedule note: This Friday evening, August 21st, our trainer Matt will be getting married!!
So… Friday evening classes (5:30pm/6:30pm) will be canceled.
Saturday WOD will be at the gym at 10am
Workout of The Day:
A. Build to 5RM Back Squat (5 sets)
B. Max Reps Back Squat @65% A
C. Banded Kneeling Hip Thrust 5×10-12 @22X5
C. 10:00 Row for Meters
Every 2:00 get off rower and perform 10 burpees.
Snatch (5:30)
A. 15 Snatches for Time at 75% (5:30)
B. 10 Snatches for Time at 80% (5:33)
C. 5 Snatches for Time at 85% (5:36)
* Perform a set every 3:30
A. 1×15 Overhead Squats for Max Load (5:42
B. 1×10 Front Squats for Max Load (5:47)
C. 1×5 Back Squats for Max Load (5:52)
Gymnasty (cut off for C is 6:12)
A. 50 C2B Pull Ups in As Few Sets as Possible
B. 30 Strict Pull Ups in As Few Sets as Possible
C. 15 Muscle Ups in As Few Sets as Possible
Rest as needed between sections.
D. Barbell Conditioning* (6:15)
21-15-9 For time:(15:00 Cap)
Power Clean, 135/95
Front Rack Lunges, 135/95
Push Jerks, 135/95
* Compliments Pat Sherwood

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