Progression, Progression, Progression

Here is a great example of someone working the right progression for the handstand push up! Working the progressions to the difficult gymnastics movements is important not only because it will help dial in good mechanics, but also for safety.
For example:
Ed: Hi there, we are doing handstands today (yay!) Can you do a handstand? Or have you ever done one?
Anonymous: Duh, how hard could they be? If she can do it, I can do it.
Ed: Awesome! Let’s see what you got.
Anonymous: Ouch!
To many times I have heard people tell me they can do a handstand, next thing you know I see them crashing down on their heads! Don’t be that guy/girl. Really it’s not cool. Sometimes its hard because you see someone else in class who may be older or younger doing it, and you figure what the heck, if they can do it, I can to. Wrong!
That person next to you who is making that handstand look easy has probably been in the gym for a while and most likely worked their butt off to make it look like that. Instead of being the “cool” guy/girl that hurts themselves trying to do something they are not quite ready to do, take a step back and grab yourself a box and work those box HSPU’s, and if they are easy for you, you can ask your coach or someone else in the gym who is comfortable spotting, to spot you.
It’s safer and you will progress faster to more difficult movements because your neck won’t be broken. 🙂
AMRAP in 20min
5 Wall Ball #20 #15
10 Deadlift #135 #95
15 Double Unders
20m Plate Push #45 (metal)
*** If there is more than 6 people, you can do the movements out of order.

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