Putting The "Funk" In Functional

-Rebecca doing tricks at a 9 year old birthday party-
Imagine this… You go to your sister’s or brother’s house and you are in a rush to get over there and did not have enough time to get a workout in. Ok, you with me? There is a little trick we like to call “Unconventional Improving”.
For example; you get to your sister’s house and you knock on the door and little Maria answers the door (and she weighs about 45lbs) and you ask her where everyone is and she says the back yard. You realize you have maybe 10 minutes before anyone realizes where little Maria is, and Bam a great idea comes to your head, you tell little Maria we are going to play a game and it’s called AMRAP in 7 TGU’s……. She is super excited she gets to play with her aunt and you are super stoked to get a quick little wod in.
This story is a good example of how much fun and innovative Turkish Get-Ups are and if you ever want to impress some little kids or get a little Q.T. with your nieces or nephews the TGU is the way to go.
In other news, we will not be posting the workouts for the next two weeks because as you all know Crossfit is constantly varied and we figured this would be a good way to throw a monkey wrench in your gears… Please enjoy… If you are checking the website keep checking it because we will be posting motivational anecdotes and funny stories about life, working out, and friends.
Ed Red
PS If you have any cool pictures please e mail them to either Ricky or myself.