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Change one thing, and you could Change Everything

(article from harvardbusinessjournal)

I lost 18 pounds in the past month and a half.
I didn’t exercise harder or longer than usual. I didn’t read a new diet book supported by evidence and filled with rules and recipes. I didn’t eat prepared meals from a diet organization.
I’ve done all those things in the past and some of them worked but none of them lasted. They were too complicated or too expensive or too cumbersome to continue.
So I made a different decision this time. A much simpler one.
the best diet is the simplest one. So I asked myself:

what’s the one thing I can change that will make the biggest difference in my calorie consumption?

Everyone has one thing.

Mine was sugar. Sometimes I would eat three bowls of ice cream in a day. If I changed that, everything else would work itself out. Cutting out sugar was the one thing that would give me the highest return.
So I stopped eating it. No more cookies, candy, cake, ice cream. That’s the only change I consciously made. I sidestepped millions of complex little decisions most diets require — counting, weighing, choosing, deciding. No phases, no recipes, no thinking.
Each person’s one thing could be different. For some it might be fried foods. For others, meat. For others still, soft drinks. What’s important is to keep it simple.
The implications of this are huge, not just for diets but for all behavior change (after all, what else is a diet but behavior change?).

Typically, people overwhelm themselves with tasks in their eagerness to make a change successfully.

But that’s a mistake. Instead, they should take the time up front to figure out the one and only thing that will have the highest impact and then focus 100% of their effort on that one thing.”
Whats Your One thing That would change everything?  find the rest of article here
image by Rajesh Kunnath

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