Raise Your Hand If…

An Intervention…
– Raise your hand if your have a crappy diet.
– Raise your hand if you tell yourself (and others) you have a good diet but deep down inside you know you are lying, and your diet really is sub par at best.
– Raise your hand if you like candy.
– Raise your hand if you eat fast food because you have no time.
– Raise your hand if you treat yourself to tasty treats after workouts because you “earned” them.
– Raise your hand if you buy a maple scone when you get coffee.
If your arm is at full regretful salute, chances are your diet sucks.
You can not see me but I have been typing with one hand for the majority of this post… I am guilty and I know it and.. and…and… and I want to change it.
– Raise your hand if you want to change your bad habits.
– Raise your hand if you reeeeally want to change it.
– Raise your hand if you are willing to WORK for that change.
If your still raising you’re off to a good start…
I am writing this because I looked at what I ate, what I do and what I try to teach other people to do and I realized that I wanted to do what I so often encourage other people to do. If that makes any sense. What also spurred this event is a video I just watched, which had both Ricky and I in it. It was from exactly a year ago and I saw footage of myself and it reminded me of a time where I had my diet in check. I remembered what I ate and how much I ate and how freaking good I felt when I ate that way. I want to cleanse my body and stop putting all the crap (not literal) I have been putting into it over the past three months. And the great thing is, I don’t have to do it alone, I have all you awesome people around me to encourage me to be strong when someone offers me a delicious Redvine or a tempting handful of tropical fruit skittles and I say “no thank you, I’m cool.”
If you let people know that you want a change, and they care about you, they will more than likely hold you accountable to that change. Its much easier to get through something hard when you have a lot of positive reinforcement from the good people around you.
So this is me letting you know that I need to be held accountable for what I want to change, and if you ask me how its going it will help me be more conscience about being strong when I feel weak.
Who else out there wants a change? We can help eachother… I know two other people who are turning their eating habits around and they are both related to me, my mum and my sister Rita. Ask them how they are doing, give them some encouragement.
“If you say it, you better do it”
Coach Red
(I just made up that awesome quote by the way)